The cost of IT

There’s no getting away from IT: it has become an integral part of doing business. A budget for technology is a necessity.
Are you getting the best return on that investment?

How much of your budget is currently going to technical breakdowns?
We would prefer that you spend less on resolving IT troubles and instead invest in moving your business forward and returning your focus to where your business really needs it.

How much of your budget is currently going to expanding your reach?
We’d like to turn your IT investment in your favor by ensuring that your systems are set up to engage effectively with customers, and to stay aware of what the competition is up to.

We’d like to take a look at optimizing your business operations.


Not only does it cost time and money to fix what breaks down, it takes you and your people off track, breaks your work rhythm, and costs mental energy to address the messes.

We prefer a proactive approach. Anticipating breakdowns before they happen ensures that your IT is set up to handle the demands likely to be placed on it. ROI is an important question: getting your technology in shape pays much better than “firefighting” (which guarantees you won’t get a good return on investment.)

Optimizing and Expanding

Is the money you’re investing in IT driving growth and profitability?

There’s no avoiding that your customers live in a world where technology races on. The right IT fit is up-to-date enough to meet clients where they are; this has become an imperative. More and more businesses are using the Internet to connect with customers; in fact, nearly half of small businesses find customers through social networks.

We would like to see you harness technology to help target your best audiences more accurately, spark curiosity by providing bits of value, learn how people are responding to your business and then tailor your actions; becoming more effective at communicating what’s most important to the people who matter most.

Ready to explore how an elegant system can increase your reach, your businesses efficiency, and your positive impact?

Let’s get going.