Technology Consulting

Technology is fast paced. We’re happy to keep up with it for you and talk about the current best practice for doing whatever it is you need to do. Whether you need to make changes to what you already have or you’re just starting out, we can help talk through the steps that need to happen and recommend ways to make it easier.

Productivity and Maintenance Packages

We’ll keep your technology running smoothly and you can spend your time being productive. Maintenance looks like updates for your systems, backups for your data, overall performance checkups for your computers and recommendations for keeping things running well. Do what you do best and leave the technology maintenance to us.

General IT Services

We can help you with that growing list of IT issues. Things like making sure your employees can access all they files they need to access, setting up backups, organizing your passwords, speeding up slow computers or a slow internet connection, getting rid of random pop-ups or too much spam, figuring out what to do with update messages, warning messages and error messages. Whatever the IT task, we can come in and take care of it.

Security Assessment

43% of successful cyber-attacks in 2018 involved small businesses. We can do an in depth assessment of your network infrastructure and deliver our findings in plain English. We create an action plan with you to increase your “security posture” and make it less likely that a cyber-attack will reach you.

Network Devices Inventory

The first step in being able to monitor, manage, and secure your network is getting a complete picture of all the devices on your network and how they are connected together. A network mapping process does this. A complete network map is the most important asset your company can have for network security.

Tabletop Exercises

We can take you through the process of handling a simulated IT emergency (cybersecurity incident) to assess and suggest betterments for your response plans, policies and procedures.

Vulnerability Assessment

We can assess your computers and network for vulnerabilities, avenues that attackers can use to get into your systems. We’ll give your a full report of the findings so you can have full awareness of what security “holes” exist in your network and then work on a plan to patch them. This can also be a component of meeting certain compliance and/or cyber security insurance requirements.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is where we pretend to be the bad guys and actively attempt to gain access to your computer systems. This is a step up from a Vulnerability Assessment, where we list out the potential ways in. We deliver a report with recommendations on what to fix so that actual bad guys are less likely to successfully gain access to systems and data.

Regulatory Compliance

Going through a regulatory compliance process can seem overwhelming, especially when you need to answer technical questions about how your network is setup. We can help walk you through that process as well as create technical policy documentation and make any necessary changes to your network or systems.