Network Devices Inventory

The first step in being able to monitor, manage, and secure your network is getting a complete picture of all the devices on your network and how they are connected together. A network mapping process does this. A complete network map is the most important asset your company can have for network security.

We commonly find that organization’s network maps are out of date, including missing things like new printers, employee smart phones, traveling laptops, cloud connections, and more. An out-of-date network map can be very costly when doing incident response and network troubleshooting.

If you already have a network map, this process will update it and likely expand the details. Bundling the data into a clean database that can be imported into security appliances, analysis tools, and more is also quite handy and time-saving. 

An Accurate Network Map and Database

When complete, you have a network map showing all routers, subnets, wifi, cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well as a database of their particulars in the data format preferred by your IT team. With this tool in hand, you can document data paths and data storage, perform risk assessment, and design business continuity measures.

Cross-Verified Network Enumeration

Our team uses both your network management assets like Domain Controllers and routers as well as professional network mapping tools to enumerate and cross-verify your entire network. We’re happy to work with your IT team on this process, or perform it on an as-needed basis, depending on what’s right for your business and team load.

Costs and Scheduling

Our tools and experience make this process fast and efficient. Once you or your team provides us with remote or on-site access to your network controllers and routers, the process can usually be completed in a few hours (2-6 hours on average). We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate based on your network size.

Cornerstone to Risk Management and Cybersecurity

With an accurate network map, building effective risk models and business continuity planning becomes possible. Network growth planning, optimization, and security planning is much more accurate and effective. And of course, a current network map is required for any cyber insurance, regulation compliance, and incident handling.

Technical Details For Your IT Staff

Network maps will be provided as printable PDF and JPEG documents suitable for inclusion in playbooks. Device database will be delivered in your choice of SQL, CSV, JSON, or XML, and will include device name, IP addresses, connections, network depth (hops to the Internet), open ports and services, any routing rules, and any version information available. We can also tag each device with things like flags, subnet name or office location, etc. Any device name disambiguation will be completed with your team before the database and map is finalized.

All results will be delivered encrypted in 7zip format. Zen Focus Tech will retain the information for 90 days at which time it will be completely deleted from our storage and archives for security. After that time, we would be unable to provide any copies or data from the enumeration.

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