We strive to make each interaction a rich one.

Sam understands that life is not about the chips and transistors in the computers and networks you have. Its about the way they enable what you do for your business.

He listens to your challenges and can deliver a solution to the bigger picture. On a daily basis the work he does removes that layer of worry that can cloud your world when you technology isn’t doing what you want.

I have known Sam for over 10 years and I have never seen him stumped by any IT issue. I consider him an incredible resource and “Go To Guy”..

Dave Barcos, Formos
I highly recommend Sam Rodriguez and his company Zen Focus Tech… I’ve been having some weird things going on my PC, called Sam who came by immediately and found some tricky hidden viruses that my high level anti-virus software didn’t even pick up…He’s trustworthy, professional and goes that extra mile with his exquisite customer service..Thank you Sam!!!
Deena Pierott, iUrban Teen
Sam is very helpful to our team. If we have something we cant figure out Sam always knows whats going on and is quick to fix it. He is also very patient with us, listening to what we need and coming up with solution’s to get our business back on track!
I would highly recommend Sam with Zen Focus Tech!
Micah Dennis, Paradise Restored
Having hired Sam to make needed changes to my IT systems, I have come to greatly appreciate not only his skills but the ways in which he uses them. Sam is a man of integrity with a deep knowledge base of the IT industry. Don’t be fooled by his quiet nature as he is creative and intelligent. He gets the job done, is fair in his pricing and shows flexibility and respect to his clients. I will gladly hire Sam again whenever I have an IT need.
Mary Jo Williams, P.C., Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
My experience was like taking my computer to the Genius Bar after the warranty expires. Sam was able to quickly diagnose the problem, quoted the price, and asked if I wanted to proceed. The cost of labor was also very competitive.

Not much on this planet has the power to freak me out and confuse me as computer technology. Even the slightest glitch can stop me cold, and usually I can’t do anything about it myself. . Sam did it in short order. Now, it wasn’t an awful glitch, so that was lucky. BUT, Sam was efficient, communicative, proactive with suggestions which goes a long way to building trust and comfort. He is my comp guru.

Jean Dugan, L. Ac., Jean Dugan Acupuncture
Sam is great to work with and gets things done in a clear and orderly fashion, working with us very kindly and gently. My spouse and I are pretty “tech-dull” with not much tolerance to learn, frankly, and Sam helps out easily, offering opportunities to learn and “empowering” us but also, there’s no problem, no judgement if we just ask him to do it for us. It’s the best of both worlds. His follow through is excellent and he’s a good communicator. Highly recommended!
Alice Rose, Wise Mind Coaching
Sam at Zen Focus Tech is a great resource for full range tech solutions. No problem or question to small and if asked or prompted by a professional like Sam, it can lead to a long term solution for a small business like mine. Keeping in mind that money and planning are very important to my bottom line and most important that all my devices work together. Thanks Sam!
Kimberly Brecko, EcoDigital Media llc
When I have an issue come up with our server, connectivity or one of our computers I think to call Sam first. He has never failed to quickly understand the questions and the answers.

This time when we launched our new website we had email problems. Our web and database consultants were completely stumped on how to fix the problem with their own systems. Sam understood what I needed and simply fixed it for me. I can’t recommend Sam and Zen Focus Tech any more highly than I already do.

Ken Twergo, The Low Vision Store
Sam is the kind of person you can rely on to do their very best. He has a light-hearted spirit that cares, values integrity, determination and willingness, and being solution oriented. He is a gem!
Alex Merrin
Sam helped me transition Canyon PM to Milestone PM. Sam was very pleasurable to work with, he made the rebranding project much easier. If you have a tech question he can get you the best answer quickly. Sam ran the entire IT department at Milestone PM and I could not have been more grateful. Without Sam I would not have been able to do what I do! I highly recommend Sam for all of your tech needs no matter the size of your business.
John-Curtis Paz

Sam’s technology expertise is invaluable to us. He is communicative, flexible and proactive with recommendations. We can rely on him to take care of us when issues arise and his work allows us to remain productive. He is aligned with our vision and objectives, and we all feel like he’s part of the team. I would highly recommend Sam with Zen Focus Tech!

Robin Wang