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Using Tabletop Exercises to Improve SMB Cybersecurity

YOU HAVE a jillion things to do to keep your organization humming. What's the best use of your time and budget when it comes to cybersecurity? If you already have some network cybersecurity systems in place, tabletop exercises are a great way to go. They'll help establish or improve policies, playbooks, and staff training -- [...]

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Am I Safe From Cyber Attacks?

You’ve probably heard of the recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. Luckily, they were able to recover quickly, keeping the threat of a gas shortage at bay. These attacks usually start out as a phishing attack: an urgent email comes, likely impersonating a person you trust or impersonating a government agency; you’re urged to [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Home Internet Connection

If you’re noticing your video conference calls skipping, lagging or dropping, there are a few things to think about before upgrading your Internet connection. For video calls in particular, it’s not that you need a lot of bandwidth (speed), it’s that you need to have low “latency.” Latency is lag time and the lower it [...]

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