22How many times have you seen advertisements for software promising to make your computer faster by “boosting” your performance, “tweaking” your registry or “cleaning” your pc? If they were honest, they would say “Want a slower computer? Our program FeebleUtility 2014 will add more to your computers workload for only $49.99! Also, we’ll constantly and shamelessly remind you of our other detrimental offers!”

Avoid these kinds of programs like the plague. If you already have some installed, remove them as soon as possible. This isn’t to say you need to remove antivirus; a good antivirus product is essential. The point is this: if you want your computer to be faster, you’ll need to keep from installing unnecessary programs and uninstall the programs you don’t use or need. This also goes for add-ons, plug-ins or extensions for your web browser.

Some tips for uninstalling programs:

  • You can remove anything that says “toolbar” in the name
  • You can probably remove anything that has a publisher name ending in “LLC”
  • Use the website www.ShouldIRemoveIt.com to help (don’t install their program)

For instructions on how to remove add-ons/plug-ins/extensions from your browser, see: