Windows 10 Invites Itself On To Your Computer

You may have heard reports of computers with Windows 7 or 8 automatically updating to Windows 10. If you have Windows Updates configured to automatically install updates on your computer, then it’s a matter of time before your computer updates itself too (if it hasn't already).

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What Happened To Your Fast Computer, Part 2

Over time your computer feels slow because newer versions of programs tend to be hungrier for computer resources. One way to deal with this is to only install software that you absolutely need. Every program that is running on your computer is adding to your computer’s work load; the fewer programs that run, the faster your computer will be. Tangentially related: deleting items like pictures, documents, favorites, video’s and even temporary files, won’t make your computer any faster. It’ll just free up space on your hard drive. […]

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Windows 10 Is Out But Is It Ready?

Your computer has probably been nagging you for several weeks to get Windows 10. Feel free to reserve a copy if you haven’t already but hold off on installing it.

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Browse The Web Like A Ninja

In martial arts, there are levels (belts) of competence in fending off attacks. The same applies to browsing the Internet: there are levels in fending off attacks on your privacy. There are different “moves” you make depending on if a potential attacker has access to the computer you’re using, the Internet connection you’re using or if they’re just a company on the Internet trying to track your browsing habits. […]

How to Be Less “Hackable”

Mat Honan, a technology journalist, had several of his cloud accounts “hacked” causing him to permanently lose email, documents, even pictures of his new born daughter. He wrote an article with all the details called How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking. […]

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