21 - HeartbleedThe recently discovered Heartbleed bug allows attackers to read data that is supposed to be encrypted (protected) such as your log in information to a particular website. Somewhere around a quarter of all websites have been affected by this bug. After last week, many of the website originally affected have been patched. Once a website has been patched and you’ve changed your password for that website, then you’ll be protected from this bug going forward.

Last week, an attack based on exploiting the Heartbleed bug was theoretical and not seen “out in the wild.” This week, one so called hacker has already been arrested for stealing sensitive taxpayer data from the Canadian Revenue Agency by exploiting the Heartbleed bug.

Check on this list to see if any of the websites you use are affected. If they are, log in and change your password.

Some websites are sending out notices confirming their Heartbleed status. If you haven’t received a notice but would like to know if a particular website is affected, use the LastPass Heartbleed checker.

For more technical information about Heartbleed, you can visit Heartbleed.com.