Your Personal Files Can Be Taken Hostage

Ransomware is malicious software that gets on your computer and encrypts your files so that you can no longer access them. The program will tell you that your files are encrypted and the only way to get them back is to pay for a decryption key. It may also say that you have a deadline before the key is destroyed, rendering all of your encrypted files useless. […]

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What Happened To Your Fast Computer, Part 2

Over time your computer feels slow because newer versions of programs tend to be hungrier for computer resources. One way to deal with this is to only install software that you absolutely need. Every program that is running on your computer is adding to your computer’s work load; the fewer programs that run, the faster your computer will be. Tangentially related: deleting items like pictures, documents, favorites, video’s and even temporary files, won’t make your computer any faster. It’ll just free up space on your hard drive. […]

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Windows 10 Is Out But Is It Ready?

Your computer has probably been nagging you for several weeks to get Windows 10. Feel free to reserve a copy if you haven’t already but hold off on installing it.

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What happened to your fast computer?

How many times have you seen advertisements for software promising to make your computer faster by “boosting” your performance, “tweaking” your registry or “cleaning” your pc? If they were honest, they would say “Want a slower computer? Our program FeebleUtility 2014 will add more to your computers workload for only $49.99! Also, we’ll constantly and shamelessly remind you of our other detrimental offers!” […]

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Is Your Computer Still Supported By Microsoft?

Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP but do you know which other versions of Windows they no longer support? Read on to find out and what you can do to stay protected and productive.

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Automatically Backup Your Photos to Google+

If you have a Google account, you have 15 GB of free cloud storage you can use between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. A Google account is handy to use as cloud storage for your photos, especially if you don’t really use Google Drive or Gmail. If you’d like a Google account or an additional one, sign up here.  […]

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Get A Handle On The Heartbleed Bug

The recently discovered Heartbleed bug allows attackers to read data that is supposed to be encrypted (protected) such as your log in information to a particular website. Somewhere around a quarter of all websites have been affected by this bug. After last week, many of the website originally affected have been patched. Once a website has been patched and you’ve changed your password for that website, then you’ll be protected from this bug going forward. […]

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Foil Laptop, Tablet and Phone Thieves

Mobile devices are tempting targets for thieves. There are a few precautions to make your mobile device harder to steal and easier to track and recover. […]

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Escape From Your Office

More and more people have the flexibility to work from home but if you find yourself doing more chores than work, it might be time to hit the road and find a good place to be productive. Before leaving your home or office, make sure to bring what you’ll need to be a savvy mobile worker. […]

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Pick A Laptop Like A Pro

Have you ever purchased a laptop that turned out to be a complete nightmare? Maybe you’re not a fan of trying to decipher what all the specs mean or fending off sales people trying to sell you more than you need. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to guide you on your way. […]

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