Escape From Your Office

More and more people have the flexibility to work from home but if you find yourself doing more chores than work, it might be time to hit the road and find a good place to be productive. Before leaving your home or office, make sure to bring what you’ll need to be a savvy mobile worker. […]

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Pick A Laptop Like A Pro

Have you ever purchased a laptop that turned out to be a complete nightmare? Maybe you’re not a fan of trying to decipher what all the specs mean or fending off sales people trying to sell you more than you need. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to guide you on your way. […]

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Browse The Web Like A Ninja

In martial arts, there are levels (belts) of competence in fending off attacks. The same applies to browsing the Internet: there are levels in fending off attacks on your privacy. There are different “moves” you make depending on if a potential attacker has access to the computer you’re using, the Internet connection you’re using or if they’re just a company on the Internet trying to track your browsing habits. […]

Take The Spam Out Of Your Online Diet

Spam comes in three different flavors: junk mail, webspam and comment spam. The main purpose of spam is to get you to buy stuff but it can also be used to boost traffic to specific websites and infect computers with malware.

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Catch Sneaky Downloads

There are three types of software that can creep onto your computer, each type more ninja-like than the one before it: The Barnacle Download, the Pop-Up Download and the Drive-By Download.

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Time To Throw Out Java?

Several Java security vulnerabilities surfaced earlier this month that allow attackers to access computers visiting compromised or malicious websites. If you’re still reading, allow me to translate the previous sentence to English: if you visit a website that has code to take advantage of the Java security hole, then the code would install malware on your computer. If you’ve ever asked yourself “how did that virus/malware get on my computer?” this is one answer.

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How To Make Your Passwords Easier To Remember And Harder To Guess

Imagine for a moment that your job is to break into personal accounts on websites and collect the data you find. What makes your job easy is that many fail to create good passwords to protect their personal accounts. You just need to run down a password list, such as the list of the 25 most common passwords for 2012 and with a little luck, you’re in. As a pretend identity thief, you know that the average person has 25 online accounts and 2 out of 3 people use 1 or 2 passwords for all of those accounts. If you figure out the password for one website you’ll definitely try it for other popular websites. […]

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Is Google Telling You What You Want To Hear?

In the good old days (before 2009), you could do a Google search anywhere or on anyone's computer and consistently get the same results. Today when you do a search, Google takes into account your location, your search history and other information already on hand from Google related websites you may use. This is known as "personalization." Why is this a big deal? Read on to find out...

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Backup Your Valuables

Have you ever work up from a bad dream with very real anxiety that was then overcome by a deep feeling of relief when you realized it was just a dream? That is how it feels to lose critically important files and then remember you have it all backed up. With a current and working backup in place, it only takes a few clicks to make all well again.

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How to Be Less “Hackable”

Mat Honan, a technology journalist, had several of his cloud accounts “hacked” causing him to permanently lose email, documents, even pictures of his new born daughter. He wrote an article with all the details called How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking. […]

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